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Kathleen Pryer
Department of Biology
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Erin Sigel, New PhD!!!

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Erin knocked it waaaay out of the park on July 11, 2014! Fantastic work Erin, and congratulations on your Peter Buck Postdoctoral Fellowship at the Smithsonian!

Erin's Dissertation: A Next-Generation Approach to Systematics in the Classic Reticulate Polypodium vulgare Species Complex (Polypodiaceae)
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Azolla crowdfunding success!

 We did it!  Thank you so much to our 123 crowdfunders + BGI!

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 Read all about it here!

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Azolla crowdfunding project launched!

 Let's sequence a fern genome together! Check it out here

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Horizontal gene transfer

Li, et al2014. Horizontal transfer of an adaptive chimeric photoreceptor from bryophytes to ferns. PNAS
     MEDIA COVERAGENew York TimesThe EconomistNational GeographicCosmos Magazine, Duke Today, Scientific AmericanDecoded Science, Nature Reviews Genetics
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Fay-Wei awarded NSF DDIG!

Congratulations to Fay-Wei for his success in the 2013-2014 NSF Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant (DDIG) competition! DISSERTATION RESEARCH: Assessing the Evolutionary Significance of Recurrent Horizontal Gene Transfer of a Chimeric Photoreceptor in Ferns

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Amanda Grusz, Ph.D.!!!

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Congratulations Amanda - our newly minted Ph.D!  On March 25, Amanda successfully defended her dissertation to her Ph.D. committee (Pryer, Advisor; Donohue, Mitchell-Olds, Noor, and Windham). Graduation day on May 10!   ... then Amanda embarks on a posdoc at the Smithsonian Institution in DC.  We will miss you Amanda!

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