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Contact Information:
Kathleen Pryer
Department of Biology
Duke University
Durham, NC 27707-0338
Telephone: 919-660-7380

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Oh Happy Day!

Tzu-Tong is now officially a PhD Candidate! Hooray! Congrats to "Stone"!, and looking forward to results from "Evolution and Function of Farina in Notholaenid Ferns". Check out his awesome crown of N. standleyi

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    • Tzu=Tong and Layne (prelim celeb)
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Fay-Wei marvels in a minute

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Fay-Wei gives us a one-minute tour on why we should study fern genomes and how he used the Monster Kick-Ass Machine to do it. 

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Botany 2016 was a success!

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 The Pryer lab made its presence felt at this year's Botany conference, held in Savannah, GA. Below are a list of the talks presented by current and former members of the lab:

  • A case of mistaken identity revealed as a new species of Cheilanthes s.s.(Pteridaceae). 

              Sosa, Karla; Windham, Michael D.; Huiet, Layne; Yatskievych, George A.; Pryer, Kathleen.

  • A small new genus uniting surprisingly disparate cheilanthoid ferns (Pteridaceae). 

              Pryer, Kathleen; Windham, Michael D.; Huiet, Layne; Rothfels, Carl.

  • Toward a community-derived classification for lycopods and ferns. 

              Schuettpelz, Eric; Schneider, Harald.

  • Next-generation polyploid phylogenetics: Low-cost, high-throughput resolution of hybrid polyploid complexes using PacBio and PURC. 

              Rothfels, Carl; Pryer, Kathleen; Li, Fay-Wei.

  • Consistently inconsistent: Transcriptome data reveal widespread molecular evolutionary rate asymmetry in ferns. 

              Grusz, Amanda; Schuettpelz, Eric.

  • Phase-Specific Gene Expression in the Homosporous Fern Polypodium amorphum

              Sigel, Erin; Schuettpelz, Eric; Der, Joshua.

  • Insider trading: Understanding nutrient exchange in the Azolla-Nostoc symbiosis. 

              Eily, Ariana; Li, Fay-Wei; Gile, Gillian; Pryer, Kathleen.

  • Fern genomes on the horizon. 

             Li, Fay-Wei.

The Fern Bus continues to push the frontiers of fern knowledge forward!

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