Contact Information:
Kathleen Pryer
Department of Biology
Duke University
Durham, NC 27707-0338
Telephone: 919-660-7380


Dr. Kathryn Picard!

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Sept. 8, 2017: Could anyone look happier!?

Congratulations to our very own KP (the other one...)! And so very well-deserved!

Kathryn arrived at Duke with a bounty of competitive fellowships – and she garnered every top-notch award while she was here! And now she is Dr. Picard!  Kathryn is passionate about both teaching and research, and has excelled at both.The marine fungal critters that were the focus of her dissertation could not have had a stronger advocate! You GO, GIRL!

Picard, K.T. 2017. Next-Generation Approaches to Understanding the Diversity and Evolution of Marine Fungi. Ph.D. Dissertation, Duke University.

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